The learning of mathematics by individuals with Down Syndrome

The aim of this article is to spark interest about how individuals with Down Syndrome understand and come to learn more mathematics. It is the result of a meeting organized by a group of researchers devoted to the purpose of exploring the learning of mathematics by individuals with Down Syndrome (a neglected field) and it presents different important arguments:

“ – Optimism about the ability of people with Down syndrome to learn mathematics.
– Conviction that mathematics can contribute, like other disciplines (language, theatre, sports…) to the holistic development of people with Down syndrome especially with respect to thinking skills and awareness of the world.
– The need for encouraging mathematics education research aiming to find new ways to bring mathematics to this population.” (Faragher & Clemente, 2019, p. 112)

Ref: “Faragher, R., & Gil Clemente, E. (2019). Emerging trends in mathematics education for people with down syndrome: Current research and future directions. International Journal of Disability, Development and Education66(2), 111-118..”


In September 2017, a group of researchers met for the first conference devoted to the singular purpose of exploring a neglected field – the learning of mathematics by individuals with Down syndrome. This special issue is a result of that first meeting and identifies three emerging trends in the mathematics education of learners with Down syndrome: the goals, content, and pedagogy.

Education is central to the goal of improving an individual’s quality of life and only recently has the impact of mathematics been fully comprehended. Many researchers continue to explore the development of the concept of number and there is still much to learn. As a new development, we see that interest is now expanding to explore other areas of mathematics.

We still have a long way to go to understand how best to open the doors of mathematics to all learners with Down syndrome. We conclude by offering six areas requiring immediate future research in the field of mathematics and Down syndrome.

Please visit the following link to read the article in its entirety:

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