Feuerstein’s results working with children with disabilities

This book is the description of the incredible results obtained by Feuerstein working with children with disabilities through his approach. This book simply changed my life.

Ref: “Feuerstein, R., Rand, Y. A., & Rynders, J. E. (2013). Don’t accept me as I am: Helping “retarded” people to excel. Springer.”


We believe that the educator-parent, teacher-coach should be, and often is, the most powerful force in a child’s education. Sometimes, however, the educator has been cast into a role that de-emphasizes dynamic, strong educator-child interaction.

We contend that a dynamic type of interaction, which we call mediated learning, is essential for all children, at least at certain times. And, for those children who are neglected or disadvantaged or are termed mentally retarded, mediation is absolutely essential.

Consistent with our belief in the power of good mediation is our preference for the term retarded performers rather than the term retarded persons. The former implies, as it should, that a person’s performance rarely reflects that person’s potential.

Sincerely hoping that this book will be a source of hope, an agenda for action, and an outline for intervention, we stand committed to the proposition that intelligence and competence are much more modifiable than we often give them credit for being.

Here you can read a preview of the book: https://books.google.no/books?hl=no&lr=&id=K2kFCAAAQBAJ&oi=fnd&pg=PA1&dq=feuerstein+don%27t+accept+me+as+I+am&ots=ZYPu_Celvu&sig=ExAjfeObhiuRc-YWe1Sgf8i91uE&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=feuerstein%20don’t%20accept%20me%20as%20I%20am&f=false

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