Family, a key for mediational approach

This article presents the 12 criteria of mediation related to Feuerstein’s approach and offers an interesting analysis about the role of the family as a key for a mediational approach.

Ref: “Isman, E. B., & Tzuriel, D. (2008). The mediated learning experience (MLE) in a three generational perspective. British Journal of Developmental Psychology26(4), 545-560.»

Previous research has shown that Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) strategies are important for the development of cognitive skills. Theoretically, grandparents have a significant role in the intergenerational transmission of MLE strategies. The purpose of this study is to investigate the resemblances and unique characteristics of mothers’ and grandmothers’ MLE strategies.

A sample of 52 Israeli families composed of mother-child and maternal grandmother-child dyads were videotaped at home in two conditions: free play and structured play (the same child was observed in each dyad). The interactions were analysed using the observation of mediated interaction (OMI ).

Higher levels of MLE strategies were found during free play than in the structured condition. Positive correlations between grandmothers’ and mothers’ MLE strategies were found under both conditions. However, grandmothers provided a higher level of MLE strategies for intentionality and reciprocity, meaning, and transcendence, but less mediation of regulation of behaviour than mothers.

It is concluded that these differences may be the result of either differences in the perceived roles of mothers and grandmothers, or differences in the levels of experience of mothers and grandmothers.

You can find this article at the following link: 

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