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The Optimistic Alternative

A strategy to mediate the feeling of an optimistic alternative for teachers and parents of children with special needs through discussions grounded in scientific literature and networking

What is The Optimistic Alternative?

I will answer the question with another question: what does it mean to be optimistic?
The definition says: “Hopeful and confident about the future.”
In his findings, psychologist Reuven Feuerstein was not talking about being optimistic, but about searching for an optimistic alternative. And this means trusting that there is always a solution to a problem, a solution that you have to search, find or create yourself, with persistence and confidence.

And with “you” I mean parents, teachers, students, typically developing children, children with learning difficulties, and children with disabilities.
Through Feuerstein’s approach, I looked for answers, and I found hope – or even better – the optimistic alternative.
It is not empty optimism, but a conscious optimism that has to be built, and that is based on existing knowledge, and on connections that help us walk through this beautiful and unpredictable journey called life.

This website serves as a safe and reliable space of information for parents and teachers looking to know more about children with special needs.
The Blog & Research section offers insight into a number of scientific articles and literature on this topic.
The (coming soon) Activities for Children section will offer a list of tested activities your children can partake in.

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